Development and Safety Tips

You do not need to obtain a development permit if:

  1. The carrying out of works of maintenance or repair to a building provided that such works: 

a) Do not include changes that would affect any of the regulations in this Land Use Bylaw (1.e. Building footprint, setbacks, height, etc.); 

b) Do not change the use, or intensity of use, of the structure and; 

c) Any structural alterations shall require the appropriate Safety Code permits. 

        2. The completion of a building which could be prohibited by this Bylaw, but was lawfully begun on or before the date of the first official notice (Sections 606 and 692 of the Act) of this Bylaw provided that the building: 

a) Is completed within 12 months of the date of commencement; and 

b) Complies with any development permit issued for it. 

       3. The use of any such building as is referred to in Subsection 3.3 (2) for the purpose for which construction was commenced. 

       4. The erection or construction or replacement of one (1) garden/tool shed per site, which does not exceed 9.29 m2 (100 sq. ft.) in floor area and is not placed on a permanent foundation or connected to any utilities. Additional accessory buildings shall require a development permit application. 

       5. A temporary construction site building, the sole purpose of which is incidental to the erection or alteration of a building, for which a permit was issued under this Bylaw and which is removed from the site upon completion of construction/alteration. 

       6.The maintenance or repair of public works, services or utilities carried out by or on behalf of Federal, Provincial or Municipal public authorities on land which is publicly owned or controlled. 

      7.The use of a building or part thereof as a temporary polling station for a Federal, Provincial, or Municipal election, referendum or plebiscite. 

      8. The construction, maintenance and repair of private walkways, pathways, driveways, and similar works. 

      9. The construction of a patio, unenclosed deck or landing not higher than 0.6 meters (23.4 inches) above grade. 

      10. The placement of signs that: 

a) Are for the purpose of identification, direction and warning, not exceeding 0.9 m2 (10 ft.2) and limited to one sign per parcel; 

b) Are temporary and are for the advertising sale or lease of property, not exceeding 0.55 m2 (6 ft.2) in area and not more than 1.8 m (6 ft.) in height; 

c) Relate to a person, partnership or company carrying on a profession, business or trade, not exceeding .28 m2 (3 ft.2) and limited to one sign per parcel; 

d) Relate to an institution of a religious, educational, cultural, recreational, or similar character or to an apartment block, club or similar institution, not exceeding 0.9 m2 (10 ft.2) and limited to one sign per parcel; 

e) Related to the function of Local Authorities and Utilities Boards; and 

f) Relate to a Home Occupation and which do not exceed 0.28 m2 (3 sq. ft.) and are fixed to the principal or accessory building. 

       11. An official notice, sign, placard or bulletin required to be displayed pursuant to provisions of Federal, Provincial or Municipal Legislation. 

Application for a development permit

  1. Any owner of a parcel, an authorized agent, or other person having legal or equitable interest in the parcel may make an application for a development permit; such application shall be made to the Development Officer using the approved form and shall be accompanied by information as may be required by the Development Authority to evaluate the application including, but not limited to requirements included on the application form.
  2. The Development Authority shall issue a notice of “Complete” or “Incomplete” application, within 20 days of the submission in accordance with the requirements of the Act.
  3. Despite the Development Authority issuing an acknowledgement that an application is complete, during the course of the review, the Development Authority may request additional copies of the application or additional information considered necessary during the decision making process. 
  4. If an application is deemed to be incomplete, the applicant may submit the information identified by the Development Authority to complete the application within the time specified in the notice or as agreed to between the applicant and the Development Authority; 

 a)if the information is not submitted by the time specified in the notice or as agreed between the applicant and the Development Authority the application will be deemed refused.  

Development Permit Forms

Development application

Development application for ammendment

Application for Signage

Use the following link to fill out online applications for electrical, gas, plumbing or private sewage disposal permit

Village of Consort Zoning Map

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