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Master Plans and Development Bylaws and Procedures:

All local statutory plans must be aligned with the Alberta Provincial Regional Plans. At the top of the municipal planning hierarchy there are numerous master plans and bylaws that generally address the co-ordination of land use, future growth patterns and transportation and infrastructure.  These master plans are carried out through the adoption of other plans and bylaws that facilitate the implementation of these planning documents.

Village of Consort Zoning Map

Subdivision and Development Authorities Bylaws:

Outside of the Land Use Bylaw, there are other bylaws that establish additional development authorities.  These authorities provide the ability for the Town to effectively administer and manage the regulatory framework represented by the LUB

Area Structure Plans (ASP): 

The purpose of ASPs, is to provide a framework for subdivision and development (build-out) of a previously undeveloped area of land.  ASPs, describe the orderly phasing of development, the land uses to be developed and their densities or intensity of development, and sets out the general location of major transportation routes and public utilities.  These plans would influence development permits and subdivisions applications. Policies may be taken into account when drafting these plans, or in some instances, the plans prompt the creation of new policies and procedures.  

You do not need to obtain a development permit for:

1. Maintenance or repair to a building that: a) does not include changes that would affect any regulations to our Land Use Bylaw (footprint, setbacks, height etc). b) does not change the use or intensity of use of the structure. *Any structural alterations require appropriate safety code permits.
2. Construction/erection or replacement of 1 garden/tool shed per site as long as the floor area does not exceed 100 sq.ft and it is not placed on a permanent foundation or connected to utilities.
3. A temporary construction site building if it’s purpose is incidental to the erection or alteration of a building that has already obtained a development permit. *Must be removed after project completion.
4. Maintenance or repair of Public works services or utilities carried out by or on behalf of Federal, Provincial or Municipal Public Authorities on publicly owned or controlled land.
5. Construction, maintenance & repair of private walkways, pathways, driveways and similar works.
6. Construction of a patio, unenclosed deck or landing not higher than 0.6m (23.4 inches) above grade.
7. Placement of signs that follow Land Use Bylaw regulations.

Application for a development permit

1. Any owner, authorized agent, or other person having legal or equitable interest in the parcel may make an application for a development permit
2. The Development Authority will issue a notice of “Complete” or “Incomplete” application, within 20 days of the submission in accordance with the requirements of the Act. Additional copies, or information may be requested if necessary during the decision making process.
3. If an application is deemed to be incomplete, the applicant may submit the information identified by the Development Authority to complete the application within the time specified in the notice or as agreed to between the applicant and the Development Authority (If the information is not submitted by the time specified in the notice or as agreed between the applicant and the Development Authority the application will be deemed refused) .

Appealing a development permit 

You can appeal a development permit if the: 

  • Development permit is refused 
  • Development permit is issued subject to conditions 
  • Decision has not been made within 40 days 
  • Development permit is suspended, cancelled or modified as per the Land Use Bylaw 

In addition, any person claiming to be affected by the permit can also appeal it. 
The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) handles all appeals.  Find additional information about the appeal process in the Land Use Bylaw or by contacting the Village office.

Development Permit Forms

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