The Village receives the MSI operating and the MSI capital grants every year.

The 2016 MSI operating grants is used for many things but we have yet to be advised as to how much that grant will be.

TOTAL                                                                    $75,676.00

The 2016 MSI capital grant in the amount of    $246,995.00 which includes the Basic Transportation Grant of $ 43,240.00 all are budgeted to pay part of the Village’s cost for the 2016 49th and 52nd Avenue underground infrastructure upgrades.

The 2015 Federal Gas Tax Fund grant of $50,000 the Village applied to replace the Chiller at the Sportex (this is only 1/2 needed).

The other provincial grant that was received was the FCSS grant in the amount of $20,385.00

The Village also received $43,000.00 from Alberta Community Partnership to assist with the cost of the Municipal Intern’s training and wages.

The Village will also receive $5,226.00 for one STEP Student at Public Works and one at the Pool.

As well the Village has been approved for $1,105,000.00 from the Federal Government and $1,105,000.00 from the Provincial Government under the Small Communities Grant program for the 49th and 52nd Avenue underground infrastructure upgrades.

Total Provincial grants received in 2016 to date are            $1,546,282.00

Total Federal grants received in 2016 to date are                 $1,106,000.00

The Village in 2015 received a recreational grant and an industrial grant from Special Areas in the amount of $237,217.18 and a fire department grant of $20,814.00 and an airport grant in the amount of $4,531.36.

TOTAL received from Special Areas in 2014              $262,562.54