Welcome to the Consort Players 2011 Web Site, featuring the cast and crew of this year’s production of

“Dry Streak”

-A Prairie Comedy by Leann Minogue-

Produced by special arrangement with Leann Minogue

April 2, 3, 8 & 9, 2011

For tickets, call 403-577-3064 or 403-577-2740


Director: Grant Carl

Assistant Director:  Charlene Robichaud

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Producer:  Grant Carl

Sponsor:  Consort Hospital Auxiliary



Director’s Message:

Grant Carl, Director

Welcome to the 2011 production of “Dry Streak”, brought to you by the Consort Hospital Auxiliary and the Consort Players Theatre Group.  It is our 27th year of bringing entertainment to the stage, and once again our superb and dedicated cast has been hard at work to bring you this year’s show. The money raised from the Play helps to fund equipment purchases for our local hospital. At the same time, it brings so many volunteers together from Consort and the surrounding area, that you definitely get a “sense of community” when you are involved in putting on the play. Simply put, I believe that major functions such as this play, recent Consort and Community Recreation Association’s Consort Sportex Renovation Fundraisers, the annual Lions Gun and Hobby Show, and Consort’s Country Christmas are not only vital from the standpoint of the money that is raised, they are crucial to the survival of the community as a whole. So, on behalf of the cast, crew and Hospital Auxiliary members, a big THANK YOU for attending this year’s production of“Dry Streak”. [/one_half]


Cast of Characters:

In order of appearance
  • Donna Bauman………..OLIVE RICHARDS, a farm wife
  • Terry McMahon…………PETER RICHARDS, a gruff well meaning farmer
  • Kyle Witherden………..JOHN RICHARDS, Peter & Olive’s oldest son
  • Christine Lagasse……..DENISE RICHARDS, Peter & Olive’s middle child
  • Jason Carl………………CHARLIE RICHARDS, Peter & Olive’s youngest child
  • Jessica Roseneau……..KATE ALLEN, John’s new girlfriend
  • Bryan Romaniuk……….ROB ARMSTRONG, Stoney Valley’s mayor, newspaper owner/editor & entrepreneur



Charlene Robichaud, Producer

Charlene has been with Conosrt Players Productions for six years now, and after trying the role of producer two Years ago, decided to give it another shot, assisting Director Grant Carl.  As Charlene is the Branch Manager at the Consort RBC Royal Bank, the production has taken advantage of her management and organizational skills as well as her artistic talents to help get the stage, props and crew in line this year.

Donna Bauman…….Olive Richards

Olive is a farm wife in her mid to late fifties. Olive is dedicated to her family and her community.  While her heart is on the farm, Olive sometimes yearns for just a bit more out of life.  Donna is back for her second season on stage!  She lives in Consort and works at Bonavista Petroleum.


Terry McMahon…….Peter Richards

Peter is a gruff but well meaning farmer in his late fifties.  A meat and potatoes guy, Peter hates change and sometimes seems like he is stuck in the dark ages.  Terry is a veteran of several past productions, former Mayor of Consort and works as a Peace Officer for Special Areas.

Kyle Witherden…….John Richards

John is Peter & Olive’s oldest son.  He is a farm boy through and through, but his true love is Kate Allen.  Kyle started performing with the Consort Players Theatre Group in 2009.  During his abscenehe has built his gargage and welcomed baby Owen to his family.  When not bringing his zany qualities to the stage, Kyle works for Pyramid Electric.


Christine Lagasse…….Denise Richards

Denise is the middle child of Peter & Olive who works at the local hospital.  Her twin boys love hockey and she will do just about anything to keep the local rink up and running.  Christine is a veteran of the stage, appearing in the last five productions.  Christine is married to Dave and the a fulltime “mom” to son Wyatt.  She has worked at the Hospital and Post Office when she wasn’t selling Tupperware.

Jason Carl…….Charlie Richards

Charlie is Peter and olive’s youngest child who lives in Saskatoon and is a DJ at a radio station.  Charlie is certainly not cut out for farm work, but give him a mike and watch him come to life.  Jason performed in previous productions in 2004 and 2009.  Today he works at Under Presssure.


Jessica Roseneau…….Kate Allen

Kate is John’s new girlfriend and the daughter of a diplomat.  Kate is a world traveller, city girl and vegetarian who is looking to fit in at the farm.  New to town and the stage, Jessica works at Exquiste Hair & Nails.

Bryan Romaniuk…….Rob Armstrong

Rob is Stoney Valley’s mayor, newspaper owner/editor and entrepreneur.  Rob has a keen eye for the news, never missing the chance for a career advancing headline.  Bryan Romaniuk is back on stage after a brief hiatus- he was on stage from 2000 – 2006.  During his absence , Bryan changed employment and now works at Baker Petrolite; got married and now has a baby daughter, Brielle who is 1 year old.



  • Consort Hospital Auxilliary Society – Sponsorship, Dedication & Food Coordination
  • Grant Carl – Director
  • Charlene Robichaud – Producer
  • Josh Gramlich – Sounds & Lights
  • Sophie Robinson – Graphics, Photocopying & Signage
  • Provincial Health Authorities of Alberta – Liability Insurance
  • East Central Housing Society – Coordinating the Bar
  • Gerald Rehman & Larry Hager – Set Construction
  • Avonee Kelts, Debbie Carl & Connie Tylisczak – Set Design


  • Wiese Electrical – Electrical
  • Maverick Oilfield – Storage & Trailer for Stage Props
  • Exquisite Hair & Nails – Hair & Makeup
  • Consort Enterprise – Photos & Printing
  • Leila Grobel – Website Design
  • Consort AG Foods, Prestige Well Servicing Corp., Three Star Services – Corporate Sponsors
  • Rehearsal Venues – Rochichaud’s, Carl’s & Consort Sportex
  • Our Patrons – Continiuing Support
  • Our Extended Community – Volunteering, Donations of Food & Money, Clean-up & Dismantling of the Stage